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Frequently Asked questions

The MyStakingWallet team places your safety and security over all else, this is why we have built MyStakingWallet to be totally non-custodial. This means that only you have control of your wallet from the start! MyStakingWallet allows anyone to download their private keys or full wallet.dats, this is important because if anything were to ever happen to our platform you the user still has access to your coins.

MyStakingWallet holds coins on active VPS machines through a world renowned provider, this means that downtime on our machines is incredibly low and individual VPS security is as good as it gets!

Absolutely! This is a feature that was most important to us. You can download your wallet in multiple ways! Navigating to our IMPORT/EXPORT section you can grab your private keys for each address, or an entire wallet.dat which you can take into any desktop wallet anywhere.

If our system detects a non payment it will let you know of this and prompt you to pay for your service. After a month of inactivity without payment, our system will delete your machine. This is because we pay to rent the computing space required for your wallets, and cannot store them indefinitely. -- This is why you always must make sure you keep backups of your wallet!

The MyStakingWallet team works directly with any and all coins supported on our network to ensure we are able to deliver any coin update, fork, swap or other chain-related action. If using MyStakingWallet you will not need to concern yourself with keeping a wallet update, we ensure we keep up w/ all stable releases.

You will always receive an email advising you that your wallet has been updated and any action you need to take.

We at MyStakingWallet pride ourselves on our world class support system. If you ever need support with one of our products, you can always click the ‘support’ button in the menu, under ‘block explorer’ This will take you to our support ticket sytem where you can lodge a support ticket and one of our talented support members will get back to you within approximately 24 hours.

Depending on the size of the machine you purchase, you can either have 4 or 8 different coin wallets on the one machine. If you need more than 8 or more of the same wallet you can create additional machines under the same account.

Yes, on the one wallet you can run a masternode and stake your extra coins. .

Please make a support ticket by selecting support on the left hand side menu from within any wallet.

We would love to talk to your favourite POS coins. Please ask the team to get in touch with us at support.metrixcoin.com to discuss how we can make it happen.

You are the only person that holds your passphrase. If you forget it and haven’t downloaded your private keys then you won’t have access to your funds.

We pull all of our stats from coingecko.com, if there are any issues its usually just an error with the coingecko API which usually resolves itself quickly.