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MyStakingWallet was born out of a clear need by our community for a fast, effective, easy-to-use mobile wallet that had all the features of our desktop Altitude wallets

-- A wallet that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and for all of the coins that our community holds. Because of this need our team focused our efforts on creating a unique mobile experiance where users can host MN's and interact with them via their phone, while still keeping our core values of full key control and products that are simple enough for all ages to operate them without getting frusterated

Why MystakingWallet is different from any other wallets

  • Mobile: MyStakingWallet is the first FULLY featured mobile wallet, anything you can do on your individual desktop nodes you can do on our wallet! including Staking and Masternodes
  • Multi-Currency: MyStakingWallet is setup to host many different types of coins, currently we have almost 15 coins we support, but this number is constantly growing! If you have a project you want to see listed on our mobile wallet, it's as simple as letting us know!
  • Affordable, Easy to use: Our wallet packages are cheap and even the most basic comes with all of our features! No setup needed, just select your favorite coins and instantly have access to a wallet with all of them! Fully featured dashboards keeps you fully up-to-date with your coins sync process, connections, current market price and MORE!

Meet our Team

Trent Richards
Trent Richards
Chris Bowe
Chris Bowe
Jaap - Funkydog
Jaap - Funkydog
Keith nibbles
Keith "nibbles"
Diversity and difference are guiding principles We're hiring


About MyStakingWallet

Easy Setup, No Maintenence.

Our revolutionary multi-wallet system allows a user to create their own private wallet space with up to 8 coins with a single push of a button.
24/7 Access through desktop or our mobile app and completely 100% Non-Custodial which means you keep your keys! The way it should be.

24/7 Access From Your Phone

With our free fully featured mobile app available on Google Play or the Apple App Store we allow you full control of your wallets from anywhere in the world.

Best of all? We do all the work! No more wallet updates, no more bootstraps and no more hassles.

No config, 1 Click Masternode Setups

We know that sometimes technology can be difficult, and the MyStakingWallet team is here to bridge that gap.

We take pride in our one-touch masternode setup. No config files, no reading documentation, just send the amount of coins needed into your wallet and hit *start*

Easy Merchant Solutions

We at MyStakingWallet believe that adoption is the key to success for all block-chain applications. That's why we've built MSW with not just the consumer in mind, but also the merchant.

Our API's make it easy to start accepting payments at *your* business quickly and effectively. If we support the coin, you can accept it for goods!

Top-Tier Security

We at MyStakingWallet believe that security is of the upmost importance, especially when dealing with your money. That's why we pride ourselves on using the most trusted methods of security.

We also believe that keys are a right of the user alone, and that's why we operate on a fully non-custodial model. You always have full control of your keys and the ability to download full wallets as well as individual private keys.